10am PST JANUARY 1ST, 2018

"Love and compassion are the essential ingredients of world peace." 

The Dalai Lama

Imagine a world where everyone paused to breathe. It would be a different place to live.

We breathe the same air * We walk the same earth * We feel the same feelings * We have the same need for love, security and belonging  

Let's Come Together to Celebrate This!

  •  We know that together works better
  •  Breathe and meditate together with people from all over the globe with the intention for peace 
  •  Together we can shift ourselves and the world: in fact it is the only way
  •  Let's continue to build a global movement towards compassion and peace
  •  Technology has the benefit of enabling us to join together in a global community
  •  A replay will be available for those that can't attend live!

On New Year's Day, 2018 let's begin again. There is power in coming together with the energy of a global community that shares the same intention, wants and needs. 

I will guide you in a powerful energy-shifting breathwork and meditation via webinar to move towards a more loving planet through finding love in ourselves and shining it outwards. We will create our own intention and vision for the year through potent practices together. 

It's going to be fun and transformational. Sign up below to join me and receive a manifesto for why mindfulness, love and compassion are crucial for a healthy world.

About Your Guide

Madeleine Eames has been a peace activist, psychotherapist, yoga teacher, mindfulness and meditation instructor and promoter of breathwork for over two decades. Her vision is to use the healing power of our minds and hearts for inner and outer peace. For 60 minutes we will 'meet' online together on New Years Day 2018 to harness the energy of our minds and breath and focus it individually and collectively to create a shift for ourselves and the world. The world needs us. The world needs you.